Organic Roller | Not your basic foam roller.

Heal with nature

Organic Roller is the most raw and natural way into deep tissue rolling. Basic foam rollers are simple, but they just don’t reach the demanding spots needed for serious muscle relief. The Organic Roller’s irregular surface, firmness, and natural energy are what makes it truly a unique and powerful rolling experience.

The Original Organic Roller.


Made from Pacific Northwestern wood, the Original Roller is very dense with just the right amount of irregular surface space. The variety of its natural surface and dense form are what allows you to achieve a satisfying deep tissue rollout.

The Aggressive Organic Roller.


Every Organic Roller is unique with no two being identical, but the Aggressive Roller is specially different. It’s made with wood that remains a company secret, and is much more dense with a greater variety in surface space, compared to the Original Roller.

The Original Organic Roller Combo.


The Aggressive Roller is ideal for large dense muscles, while the Original Roller is more universal and works great for anyone. Use them in combination together to achieve maximum results. The Organic Roller is 100% natural and made entirely by hand.

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    $39.99 ships today
    • Secret Wood
    • Increased Density
    • Increased Irregular Surface
    • 10 - 12 Inch Length
    • Free Shipping

    $24.99 ships today
    • Premium Maple and Alder Wood
    • Standard Density
    • Standard Irregular Surface
    • 10 - 12 Inch Length
    • Free Shipping

    $64.99 ships today
    • Original + Aggressive Roller
    • Standard + Increased Density
    • Standard + Increased Irregular Surface
    • 10 - 12 Inch Length
    • Free Shipping

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No standing trees are harmed during the Organic Roller production process. We use only the choice sections of trees fallen by nature.

If effort to boost the planet's eco system, we plant 3 trees for every Organic Roller sold.